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We have no doubt the results will be outstanding!

Londoners get first look at finalists' visions for the Thames

October 22, 2015

The future of London's Thames River has never looked brighter! Bold, dynamic, and innovative are just a few words that describe the design plans presented to the community on October 22nd as the Back to the River finalists unveiled their visions for the Thames.

Recruiting top flight designers from across North America, the Back to the River design competition is in its final stages. The five finalists (Civitas & Stantec; PWL Partnership; Janet Rosenberg & Studio; Dillon Consulting Limited & Stoss Landscape Urbanism; Brook McIlroy & Patkau Architects) travelled to London, Ontario to present design plans that had been months in the making. Their revitalization proposals focus on a five kilometer stretch of the river that flows through the downtown core. 

“We are thrilled to finally see the culmination of this project,” says Martha Powell, President & CEO of London Community Foundation. “We have no doubt the results will be astounding. A riverfront development that understands Londoners’ love and care for their natural heritage is what we have been striving towards.”

The finalists have toured the Thames River, educated themselves on our City’s economic, urban and environmental plans, as well as taken into consideration feedback from several community consultation sessions. The finalists were challenged to develop visionary designs that would help our community reimagine its relationship with the river.

Powell says, “The River belongs to everyone and we want Londoners to be involved in this process every step of the way.”

The jury began deliberations immediately after the presentations. A winner will be announced publically on Monday, November 2nd.

The winning proponent will be awarded a design contract with the City of London for at least $200,000 for an inaugural project at the Forks of the Thames. An inaugural project for the SoHo neighbourhood may be the subject of a future competitive contract once capital funding has been secured.

View the Final Designs

Team 1: The Ribbon of the Thames (Civitas; Stantec)

Team 2: Open the Bank (PWL Partnership)

Team 3: g-Radiant City (Janet Rosenberg & Studio)

Team 4: Forest City. River City. London (Dillon Consulting Limited; Stoss Landscape Urbanism)

Team 5: Continuum (Brook McIlroy; Patkau Architects)



Vanessa Dolishny
Vanessa is the manager of communications at London Community Foundation where she oversees the Foundation's communications and media strategy. A community enthusiast with a passion for creating change, Vanessa loves using her creativity to have a positive impact on the community. When it comes to ideas, the bolder the better!