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Re-imagining our Relationship with the river

Back to the River

The Thames River is the heart of London: past, present and future. A heritage river tied to our region’s identity, the Thames River has the power to bring our community together. That’s why we’re taking London Back to the River.

Back to the River is a community mobilization initiative spearheaded by London Community Foundation in partnership with the City of London and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Through an International design competition, the initiative will revitalize a five kilometer stretch of the river radiating from the Forks in three directions: north to the intersection of Oxford Street bridge and the Thames River, west to the Wharncliffe Road Bridge and south to the intersection of the London to Port Stanley railway bridge and Thames River.

Striving to enhance community quality of life, environmental and economic development, the goal is simple: give Londoners a place to work, to play and call home. Give Londoners a place that brings the entire community together.

The Thames River has and continues to be one of our community’s most definable resources and is highly valuable to Londoners; that’s why we believe so strongly that this project has the power to catalyze community change.

With such a rich history behind it, the Thames River is not simply a landmark for the city of London; it is so much more. The Thames River is inexorably tied to London’s identity. Representing its past, the early settlers saw the great value the river possessed in terms of sustenance, transportation, industry and life. Despite its historical significance, in recent years as a community, London has moved away from its roots furthering itself more and more from this vast resource that was once synonymous with community vitality.

We’ve seen the power of river revitalization projects in other communities across North America and the impact is astounding. We are ready to embrace this ambitious goal in London and we want YOU to be a part of it.

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