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Back to the River


The City of London has voted to combine the Springbank Dam Environmental Assessment with Back to the River, calling it the “One River” plan. 
On Thursday, February 25th London’s city council made a decision that will transform the future of our city.
The City’s decision to embrace Back to the River was a proud moment for London Community Foundation.
On Monday, December 14th the Back to the River partners will be presenting at the City’s Planning and Environment Committee meeting to have the Back to the River project included in the city’s multi-year development plan.
What if home isn’t really a place but a state of mind, a sense of belonging, a belief that we are part of a greater story than just some physical location?  It’s an important question, pivotal enough that Community Foundations Canada (CFC) made the subject of “belonging” as the centrepiece for its national Vital Signs report.  Its title said it all: Belonging: Exploring Connection to Commun
Following the public presentation of the final proposals for the Back to the River design competition I felt an extraordinary sense of excitement for London and the potential opportunity unfolding. This euphoria was married to a sense of dread. How would we ever pick a winner?
The Back to the River jury certainly had their work cut out for them with five strong proposals from the finalists. Luckily, this group was composed of some of the most talented people in the industry. Choosing the winner of the Back to the River design competition was no easy feat and we thank them for their tireless efforts! Now it’s time for you to get to know this exceptional group.
We are excited to announce that Civitas and Stantec are the winners of the Back to the River design competition.
On November 2nd in the Covent Garden Mezzanine, Civitas: Landscape Architecture Firm and Stantec Consulting Ltd were announced as the winning team of the Back to the River design competition.
The future of London's Thames River has never looked brighter! Bold, dynamic, and innovative are just a few words that describe the design plans presented to the community on October 22nd as the Back to the River finalists unveiled their visions for the Thames.
The Thames River connects Londoners to their past, present and future. London Community Foundation, the City of London and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority have challenged groups from across the world to develop visionary designs that will help our community re-imagine its relationship with the river.
The Thames River is an iconic feature of London and is important to the city, both historically and culturally. In fact, without the river London would not have existed.
During London’s initial settlement, the Thames provided an efficient transportation corridor and supplied power to the mills dotting the river’s length.
Londoners love the Thames; there’s no doubt about that. For the month of June Londoners came from near and far to express their love for our river at the Back to the River community consultation meetings supported by TD Friends of the Environment and the London Public Library.
Last week on July 21st, 2015 London Community Foundation, the City of London and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority welcomed shortlisted proponents to beautiful London, Ontario. The second phase of the Back to the River design competition officially kicked off Tuesday, July 21st with a tour of the magnificent Thames River.
When London Community Foundation embarked on the journey of revitalizing London’s beloved Thames River, our hope was to catalyze community change. Since the project has launched, I have witnessed an outpouring of support from community members who care deeply about our river.