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We are ready to embrace this ambitious goal

City commits to Back to the River

March 1, 2016

On Thursday, February 25th London’s city council made a decision that will transform the future of our city.

The City’s decision to embrace Back to the River was a proud moment for London Community Foundation.

Through Back to the River, the Foundation has a vision to mobilize our community, enhance downtown and bring our community back to the core of our history and heritage; the Thames River. I am thrilled to see that this dream will become a reality thanks to the City’s investment. I’d like to thank the City and the partners of this project for their confidence and vision. This is a bold, transformative project that truly has the power to catalyze our community. Prior to Back to the River, there has never been a partnership such as this with the City of London and it has proven to be a great success. Working together, we are able to achieve great things for our city! 

The $5 million investment in Back to the River is just the beginning. We are pleased that the city is going forward with the environmental assessment. Following the environmental assessment, Back to the River will continue to move forward with the inaugural project at the Forks of the Thames. Additionally, the Foundation will begin to explore funding options for the second inaugural project in the SoHo neighborhood. Designed to complement the City’s other strategic initiatives such as the Downtown Plan, London Plan and the Flex Street, Back to the River will play a significant role in the revitalization of the downtown core.

It’s exciting to dream of what the future may bring. As we embark on this journey of change I’d like to thank all those who demonstrated support for this project. The community’s engagement in this project is truly inspiring. We are ready to embrace this ambitious goal. Let’s work together and bring new life to our community!

Martha Powell
Martha is the President & CEO of London Community Foundation; a public charitable foundation that strives to improve the London and Middlesex region by making grants to charitable organizations. Overseeing an endowment quickly exceeding $65 million, under Martha's leadership the Foundation works to build community capacity, encourage philanthropy and convene groups and individuals to create community change.